Building the UK's next generation, ultrafast, high quality, pure fibre gigabit broadband networks

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Great customer service

We pride ourselves in our customer service, so whatever you need, whenever you need it you can rest assured that there will be someone on the end of the phone ready to help you.

Fibre to your premises

Our broadband connects you to the latest fibre optic technology directly into your home or business, accessing broadband speeds of up to 1000Mbps and beyond.

Pure fibre

No copper, no 4pm slowdown, not distance or weather affected, the future of broadband is here.

Added Services

We don’t just do broadband, we also connect you to phone and TV services. See our offers and tick the box when booking your installation and we'll get in touch.


Box 50 unlimited

Superfast broadband , perfect for single users and small families
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Up to


per month inc VAT

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Box 200 unlimited

High speed, super fast broadband - perfect for getting the whole family online
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Up to


per month inc VAT

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Box 1000 unlimited

Ultrafast broadband, our best service, ideal for 4K TV, home working, cloud, trading and gaming
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Up to


per month inc VAT

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Phone Service

In addition to great broadband we can also provide connection to the Vonage internet phone service.

  • Keep your existing number
  • Make and receive calls on your smart phone for no extra cost
  • No connection fee if ordered with your Box Broadband service
  • Keep your existing telephone handset and equipment
  • Call features at no extra charge
  • Range of packages to suit all users

Box Broadband has partnered with Vonage to bring our customers reliable internet telephone services (called VoIP, or voice over internet protocol) with exciting benefits.

The service replaces your existing telephone provider, and so cuts out any line rental costs. You can usually transfer your current phone number.

Connection is simple - when placing your broadband order with Box, let us know you want the Vonage service. Our technicians will supply the connection box and connect you to the new service during your broadband installation.Once the broadband is connected it is time to transfer your existing telephone number.

Transferring to an internet phone service can be done at any time.

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Package Features

All our packages include the following:

Unlimited data
Symmetrical speed - both the download and upload are the same speed
Connection offer - if service ordered before or during the network build
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Rolling contract - total flexibility for our Customers
Free telephone equipment installation if taking phone service
Free home wireless survey
Optional fixed IP address - £2 per month

Installation Offers

Box Broadband offers free connection to our network, our connection offer includes the following:

Up to:

  • 20 metres in soft surface, e,g, grass or rough ground
  • 2 metres in hard surface, e.g. tarmac, concrete, block paving
  • a hole through your external wall
  • 3 metres internally, surface fixed

Additional distances costs are detailed below, our team will discuss the best route during the pre-install visit

  • Soft surface - £2.50 per metre
  • Hard surface - £6.50 per metre
  • Block paving - £45.00 per metre
  • Internal cabling - £2.50 per metre

Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer is eligible for Customers signing up before, during and for a specified time after the network build.
  2. Connections to the network after this period are subject to our current installation charges, Box Broadband reserves the right to offer the connection offer at anytime.

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