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Real fibre, not just to the cabinet

Full fibre, directly into your home, say goodbye to copper; forever

Fibre from end-to-end

Bringing next generation internet to your community

Hyper-fast, super-easy

Gigabit internet, no slowdown, no buffering, no limits, no fuss

Support when you need it most

With a UK-based call center and engineers based in the communities we serve, we can offer same-day site visits and fault resolution.

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Box 50

£29.95 inc VAT

  • Our entry-level copper-buster product, move away from copper to the home with our total fibre solutions.
  • 50Mbit/s Symmetrical
  • 18 Month Contract

Box 200

£49.95 inc VAT

  • 200Mbit/s Symmetrical
  • 18 Month Contract
  • Standard fault fix time of 1 working day

Box 1000


£59.95 inc VAT

  • 1000Mbit/s Symmetrical
  • 18 Month Contract
  • Standard fault fix time of 1 working day
  • Customers taking this product will receive a gift for joining the 1Gig Club

Box Support Plus (4)

£79.95 inc VAT

  • Only available with Box 1000 product
  • 18 Month Contract
  • 4 hour fix time*

Biz Box

£129.95 inc VAT

  • 1Gbit/s Symmetric
  • 18 Month Contract
  • 4 Hour Fix Time*
  • £199.99 Installation
Note: *The 4 hour fix time is only applicable to faults within our own network.

Voice Box

£7.99/month inc VAT

Only available with Broadband

  • All UK Landline and mobile calls included.
  • Premium and international numbers are charged at their respective rates.
  • 18 Month contract

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Why Choose Us?

Once you've tried us, we're confident you'll love us.
Every package comes with the following features:


Fast, Symmetric Speed

Symmetrical speed - both the download and upload are the same speed. Great for working from home, gaming and streaming

Unlimited Usage

Download & upload as much as you like, we're not counting!

Local, UK Based Support

 If you need us, we’re here, our UK based call centre is open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, with locally based engineers ready for action

Simple & Clear Contracts

Easy to understand contracts with no hidden price increases for the entire contract term

Low-Cost Installation

Our skilled engineers will visit your property to install your equipment and make sure you are good to go!

Free Home Wireless Survey

As part of our installation process, one of our friendly engineers will perform a wireless survey to ensure your WiFi is fast and reliable throughout your property

Super-powerful router, with amazing WiFi

Our router is best in class, delivering the fastest speeds currently available in the UK.  It creates a wireless network around your property, connecting you to the latest and fastest wireless, ensuring all your devices connect, delivering the best online experience.

Installed by our highly trained techs, we recommend our new MESH units to further extend the wireless throughout larger homes and ensuring all those hard to reach places are connected, seamlessly to one

Say goodbye to buffering, and hello to hyperfast internet

No more buffering and taking turns to use the internet, unlike many other providers our network is the same speed both up and down.  Want to watch Ultra HD, 4K movies? No problem, we are optimised for streaming, gaming, cloud, voice and beyond.

No 4pm slowdown, non-distance and weather affected, this really is next generation internet.

Telephone for The 21st Century

Why be tied down to a landline? We think your telephone should be as flexible as your lifestyle, which is why we’ve launched our new VoIP phone service to complete our hyper-fast fibre broadband.

Bundle our phone service for £7.99 per month, unlimited calls to UK landline and mobiles.

Keep your existing number, enjoy crystal clear quality and when your out and about answer your calls from your mobile.

No more expensive, crackly, poor quality calls and you can use your existing handsets.

TV - New for 2019......

We are working on our new TV service, brought to you over our full fibre network, delivering Ultra HD content.

All your favourite channels and platforms in one place.

Check back for our latest updates and news.

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