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Our Speeds – What You Need to Know

We’re all familiar with it, many internet service providers will promise the world but spectacularly under-deliver with the speeds that they offer you.

We’re different, and here’s why. Our service is provided over a brand new fibre-optic network which is owned and operated solely by us. This means that we have full control over all aspects of our customer connections. Gone are the days where you call your provider and have to wait 6 weeks for a familiar repair company to tweak some settings in a cabinet at the roadside and still fail to deliver.

Probably the most important thing that you need to know is that the service we offer is best experienced when you have multiple devices in the house, such as different family members all using the internet at the same time. There are very few consumer devices which are singly cable of processing the full speed that we provide, and this is where the confusion often comes from.

Whilst advertising regulations prohibit us from guaranteeing speeds, we can share that all of our customers’s connections are tested at the time of installation and those tests indicate that the 50Mbps and 200Mbps speeds are easily attainable for everyone on our network. The 1000Mbps package is a little harder to test, this doesn’t mean that you’re not getting the full speed but more that there are a number of technical and physical factors that influence the result.

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