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Speedtest Information

Speed tests can be an invaluable tool to gain insight into the speeds of your internet, what most fail to mention though is that they can only tell you a small part of the story. There are many factors that contribute to a speed test result and it’s important to take these into account to understand why you may sometimes get a result that you’re not expecting.

First things first

Before performing any speed tests, it’s important to know that there are very few consumer-grade devices on the market that can singly fully utilise a 1000Mbps connection. The benefit from our faster services is that you can have multiple devices simultaneously using the internet without it slowing down other devices in your household.

On to the test

The easiest way to get a good speed test result is to ensure that you are using a device with a wired Ethernet connection straight to your router, a laptop or desktop computer is ideal for this. Many people will reach for their smartphone or iPad for this purpose out of convenience but any device using a wireless connection will not give an accurate result. We will soon publish some articles on wireless networking to help you understand why.

Which speed tester is the best to use?

Speed testing websites can vary wildly in their performance, especially at the higher speeds that we offer. We will soon be launching our own testing website which will be reserved solely for our customers in order to get the most reliable results. In the meantime, the top two that from our own and our customers feedback perform the best are and It’s worth running several tests from both websites to get an average speed. We have not yet seen any other speed test service which provides a reliable result.


– Understand the limitations of your devices
– Use a wired Ethernet connection
– Use our recommended speed testing websites