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With the current isolation rules as a result of the coronavirus, we have had to change our processes slightly around setting up your telephone service. Usually, this would be done in person by one of our engineers but at this time this is unfortunately not possible, so we have two other options to help you get setup.

Both of these methods assume that you will be using a regular telephone handset connected to your Nokia router. If you have a Calix router, we will set this up for you and contact you to let you know. If you are using any other Voip or SIP phone please contact us for instructions.


If you are happy to add some settings into your Nokia router, then this is the quickest and easiest method to get you setup. I will detail some steps, and provide screenshots for you to follow:

  • Open your internet browser on your computer, and type in the IP address of your router into the address bar (or click this link)
  • Login with the username: AdminGPON and password ALC#FGU
  • Navigate to the Application > Voice Setting page on the left-hand menu
  • Input the following settings, and leave the rest as they currently are. You only need to change the ones specified here:
    • Outbound Proxy:
    • Proxy Server:
    • Registrar Server:
    • UserAgentDomain:
    • DigitMap: x. (this is a lower-case ‘x’ followed by a fullstop, you can remove everything that is already in this box)
    • Enable: Enabled
    • Directory Number: 1001
    • AuthUserName:[refer to your email, this is unique to you]
    • AuthPassword: [refer to your email, this is unique to you]

This is how your settings page should look, apart from the AuthUserName and AuthPassword which will be different in your case:

Remote Setup

If you would prefer one of our engineers to remotely configure your router, we can arrange an appointment with you to to do this. We will need to securely connect to your computer, either Windows or Mac in order to do this. Unfortunately we cannot connect to iPads or mobiles at this time.

To begin, you will need to download this small program to your computer: Windows or Mac. Once opened, it will provide you with an ID number that you need to send to the engineer who is working with you at your allotted time slot.

Connecting your Telephone

BT Telephone Socket Adapter UK to US | British Telecom Female ...

You will receive (usually hand-delivered and sanitised) a small adapter which you need to plug into the “Tel 1” socket on the back of your router. This will give you a regular BT socket to connect your phone to, From there on, if you need to extend this at all to a more convenient location you can use a regular telephone extension cable. Once the telephone service is active with us, your usual wall sockets will no longer work so in some cases it may be best to use a cordless phone where you would leave the main base connected to your router, and can then locate any additional handsets around your home where needed.