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Good to know:

  • An internet speed test measures from end to end. This means from the testing server/website, to the device/app that you view the tester on. Speed testing is not a reliable way to judge the performance of your internet connection and should only be taken as a guide.
  • Your test result will be as fast as the slowest link in that path, which is often your wifi and not the incoming connection.
  • Testing using a wireless connection will not achieve the full speed of a “gigabit” connection.

Always (where possible):

  • Use a testing website which is located close to you or the network that you are testing. For Box Broadband, this will be London.
  • Use a laptop or PC with a wired connection directly into your router.

Our recommendation:

Interpreting your results:

  • When testing using a suitable high-performance laptop with a wired connection, you can see speeds in excess of 900Mbps. On a Windows laptop you may see speeds topping out at around 300Mbps. If this happens, try booting your laptop into “Safe mode with networking” and re-run the test.
  • When using a modern mobile device on a 5Ghz wireless connection, you’ll most often see up to 300Mbps and a maximum of 500Mbps.
  • When using any device on a 2.4Ghz wireless connection, expect to see up to 70Mbps.
  • Remember, a speed test covers the whole connection from end to end, so if you test over a wireless connection it will severely limit your results.

In order for us to help you:

If you are experiencing slow speeds, always test using a wired connection to our own speed tester mentioned above as this gives us useful analytics to help diagnose the issue and to tell whether an issue is with our network or is caused by a customer’s own equipment. This is the only way to effectively test the speed of the connection coming into your home.

Having a fast incoming connection is only a part of the solution. Distributing a fast network around your home can be a very complex process. Box Broadband have the expertise to not only spot where a problem is occurring, but also to recommend suitable products to improve your internet experience.