Telephone for the 21st Century!

Why be tied down to a landline? We think your home telephone should be as flexible as your lifestyle, which is why we've teamed up with Vonage to bring you some amazing deals.

Hang up on line rental and still keep your current number

Box Broadband has partnered with Vonage to bring our customers reliable internet telephone services (called VoIP, or voice over internet protocol) with exciting benefits.

The service replaces your existing telephone provider, and so cuts out any line rental costs. Most users find that they can keep their existing telephone equipment.

With our phone packages, most users find they can transfer their existing telephone number from their existing provider.

Make and receive calls on your smart phone for no extra cost

Ever been afraid to stray beyond earshot of the telephone while waiting for that important phone call? With our Vonage plans you can make and recieve phone calls from your landline number on your mobile phone, meaning you'll never have to risk missing that phone call again!

A range of packages to suit all users

Whether you use for telephone for UK calls, or you are often calling abroad, we have a package to suit you.

All packages come with Caller Display, Call Waiting, Anonymous Caller Block, 1471, VoiceMail, International Calls Barring, Do Not Disturb and Call Divert (along with a lot more) as standard.

Choose a plan

Our broadband connects you to the latest fibre optic technology directly into your home or business, accessing broadband speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

Box 50


50Mbps Superfast broadband, perfect for single users and small families

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Box 200


200Mbps high speed, super fast broadband - perfect for getting the whole family online

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Box 1000


1000Mbps ultrafast broadband, our best service, ideal for 4K TV, home working, cloud, trading and gaming

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Why choose us?

Once you've tried us, we're confident you'll love us.
Every package comes with the following features:

Fast, Symmetric Speed

Symmetrical speed - both the download and upload are the same speed. Great for working from home, gaming and streaming

Unlimited Usage

Download as much as you like, we're not counting!

First Class Support

If you need us, we're here! Just give our UK based support team an email, call or get in touch on social media

No contracts

You have total flexibility to make changes to your broadband package at any time with our 30 day rolling contract

Low-Cost Installation

One of our skilled engineers will visit your property to install your equipment and make sure you are good to go!

Free Home Wireless Survey

As part of our installation process, one of our friendly engineers will perform a wireless survey to ensure your WiFi is fast and reliable throughout your property