Transparency and reliability is important for any Internet Provider. Here is our current service status, along with our recent and any upcoming system maintenance and fault reports.
Transparency and reliability is important for any Internet Provider. Here is our current service status, along with our recent and any upcoming system maintenance and fault reports.
Current Service Status
  • 30/07/2020 – 00:00 – Ongoing – We are currently performing diagnostic tests and troubleshooting to pinpoint and resolve a low speed issue affecting some customers. We are working with our vendor support and need to undertake nightly testing which may interrupt your internet connections. In all cases, this will be after midnight, and where possible after 1am to minimise inconvenience.
  • Ongoing – Some customers have reported seeing “Access Denied” or similar errors when trying to access certain websites. This is due to an issue with security software on those websites for which we have no control. We have tried to work with these companies to get the blocks removed but have been unsuccessful so far. We would recommend that you speak to those sites directly if you are affected. Known affected websites are:
  • (please quote reference #576821 when speaking to them)
Upcoming Maintenance
No maintenance is currently scheduled in the near future.
Recently Completed
09/07/2020 11:07 – 12:25 – An outage has been resolved in the Coombe Park area due to a cabling fault.

18/06/2020 12:40 – 13:39 – 3rd-party outage affecting Cranleigh and parts of Ewhurst.

12/06/2020 07:20 – 23:30 – A major outage resulted in loss of broadband and telephone service to Cranleigh and parts of Ewhurst. A 3rd party line provider suffered an extensive fault following a power outage. Service was restored at approximately 23:30.

05/06/2020 11:02 – 19:00 – Cabling in the Kingston area has been repaired and all services restored.

20/05/2020 – The issues with accessing have now been resolved on their side.

09/04/2020 01:00-03:00 – We will be undertaking maintenance on our core network to resove a number of issues.

18/03/2020 – An issue has been identified affecting customers who use a “Vodafone Sure Signal” or “O2 Boost Box” mobile phone boosters which are failing to connect when using Box Broadband. We are investigating the issue and working to impliment a fix as soon as possible.

12/03/2020 – 00:01-01:00 – Engineering works are planned by our backhaul provider for the KT12 postcode area on this date to apply a new configuration to their equipment. Downtime is expected to be 10 minutes between the above window.

26/02/2020 – An issue has been identified affecting 6 customers in various locations where the connection is dropping at random. We have a fix for this problem, if any customers are still affected please contact us.

17/01/2020 – An issue has been identified and resolved affecting  7 customers in the Ewhurst area causing some websites to load slowly or not at all

13/01/2020 – An issue affecting a small number of customers in Walton-on-Thames area has now been resolved. This issue was due to a 3rd party provider and prevented a small number of customers from connecting to our service.

A firmware update has been deployed to all customer routers, and our backhaul provider have also replaced their end-of-life core routers.

18/05/2019 21:00
Issues now resolved and all subscribers now operating at full speed again.

28/05/2019 15:50
Service restored to all customers, however some may still notice slower speeds than normal. Everything should be operating and all customers receiving at least 300Mbps (unless on a lower speed plan) so for general use shouldn’t notice any issues. We will update as soon as we hear more.

28/05/2019 14:15
Partial service restored. Customers may notice slower speeds than normal. More updates to follow.

28/05/2019 13:15
Fault has since been confirmed and engineers from the provider in question are working on a fix. We will update our customer as details become available to us.

28/05/2019 12:11
Our upstream provider is experiencing a widespread outage across the south of the UK. This is unfortunately impacting our customers resulting in slow or intermittent service.

21/12/2018 – 06:00-09:00
Localised planned outage to re-route fibre optic cabling in order to allow expansion of our network.

13/12/2018 – 00:00-00:30
Firmware update deployed to all customer routers. Update completed successfully. This update was to improve wireless performance and compatibility with our Mesh wireless extenders.

17/11/2018 – 22:00 – 18/11/2018 – 06:00
Our backhaul provider will be replacing some older equipment to allow for future expansion and increased speeds.