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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked the same questions regarding our service. Here you can find some of the common ones.

We've heard it all before. Fast broadband, in my area?

Many broadband providers mis-advertise their service. They promise the world and regularly fall flat on delivery. 

Our service is fully fibre optic, this means from our backhaul connection all the way into your home ensuring you get the fastest speeds no matter where you are.

Regular broadband providers are most commonly reliant on the BT/Openreach infrastructure, and most commonly only run fibre to your nearest cabinet which can be several miles away. The copper cable between you and your nearest cabinet cannot sustain fast speeds over long distances. Full fiber optic does not have these limitations.

Will I get the speed that I pay for?

Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee a certain speed, we do advertise an average speed of 500Mbps, but in most cases you will receive faster. 

Speedtest results only tell half of the story, and there can be many reasons why it does not accurately reflect the speed that you receive, we can provide guidance on how to see the best speedtest results if necessary.

Is your network reliable?

We take reliability seriously. Our network is monitored around the clock, 24/7, rain or shine. Should a fault occur, we have engineers based in the communities that we cover who can be on-site within as little as 10 minutes to investigate any faults and begin working on a resolution.

Our infrastructure is built to industry standards, and all of our equipment has a minimum of 4 hours battery-backed runtime, and engineers carry generators to cater for longer power outages. 

What support options are available?

We are contactable via phone, email and social media and have a fully UK-based support team to offer same-day visits to cover faults and technical support. We aim to have all faults resolved within 4 hours at any time of day.