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Telephone For The 21st Century!

Why be tied down to a landline? We think your telephone should be as flexible as your lifestyle, which is why we’ve launched our new VoIP phone service to complete our super-fast fibre broadband.

Hang up on line rental and still keep your current number

Box Broadband is now offering phone services! For a small monthly fee we can bundle inclusive UK landline mobile calls with our super-fast broadband service.

There’s no line rental to pay, no confusing rates or limits on the time of day or duration of calls, just a simple and affordable anytime phone service to keep you connected.

What’s more, you can transfer your existing landline number to our service as well as using your existing telephone handsets with our service.


Make and receive calls on your smart phone for no extra cost

Ever been afraid to stray beyond earshot of the telephone while waiting for that important phone call? With our mobile app (included as standard) you can make and recieve phone calls from your landline number on your mobile phone, meaning you’ll never have to risk missing that phone call again!

A range of features to suit all users

Whether you use for telephone for home or business, we can help.

All packages come with Caller Display, Call Waiting, Anonymous Caller Block, 1471, VoiceMail, International Calls Barring, Do Not Disturb and Call Divert (along with a lot more) as standard.

We can also offer tailored business features including IVR menus (“Press 1 for….”), time of day routing, extension dialling and fax-to-email, as well as supply and configure professional VoIP desk phones for your staff.

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