Switch to a faster way of working that
won’t fall over under pressure.
Switch to a faster way of working that won’t fall over under pressure.
Upgrade to ultrafast fibre-optic broadband with local customer service support.

Designed specifically for business users, we offer a 1 gigabit fibre broadband package and will soon be adding a 10 gigabit service in selected locations. It all comes with fast, local support as standard. Access the future of internet connectivity for your business today.

Enterprise box

With 1 gigabit upload and download speeds, you can access all your cloud-based services, use online conferencing, share documents, stream videos and enjoy seamless, uninterrupted connectivity with all your employees, clients and wifi-connected devices. You can also specify a static IP address for greater flexibility.

*Average speeds, achievable by 50% of users, are 900Mb on a 1Gb connection.

2 phone lines included

Optional static IP address

Dedicated account manager

24 month contract

4 hour fix SLA as standard

£299.99 Installation

Enterprise 10

For the larger enterprise, enjoy a 10Gb/s symmetrical service in select coverage areas to cater to large networks with high bandwidth requirements. This service includes a enterprise-grade rack-mounted router or you may opt to choose our SFP+ handoff to utilise your existing infrastructure where compatible.

*Average speeds, achievable by 50% of users, are 9500Mb/s on a 10Gb/s connection. Availability dependant upon location.

2 phone lines included

Optional /29 static subnet

Bespoke rack-mounted enterprise router

Dedicated account manager

24 month contract

4 hour fix SLA as standard

Installation cost dependant upon survey

One-off installation fee applies to all plans (normally £149.95, non-standard installations may vary subject to site survey)
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Add to your package

Voice Box


Unlike other providers, our telephone service is completely optional. But if you do still want a landline service, our business-grade, feature-rich VoIP platform gives great service and outstanding value too.

£9.99 per month

+ One-off setup fee of £14.95

What you get

Super-powerful router with amazing WiFi

Our router is best in class, delivering the fastest speeds currently available in the UK. It creates a wireless network around your property, connecting you to the latest and fastest wireless, ensuring all your devices connect, delivering the best online experience. Installed by our highly trained techs, we recommend our new MESH units to further extend the wireless throughout larger homes and ensure all those hard to reach places are connected.

Ultrafast fibre-optic connection

The superior broadband speeds provided by our fibre-optic cabling means no more buffering, no more taking turns to use the internet, no 4pm slowdown or service deterioration due to distance or weather. Unlike many other providers, our upload speeds are just as fast as our download speeds – you’ll be amazed how fast you can share files. And watching Ultra HD, 4K movies, gaming, using cloud services making calls and more will always be as smooth as silk.

Telephone for The 21st Century

We think your telephone should be as flexible as your lifestyle, which is why we’ve launched our new VoIP phone service. Bundle our phone service for £9.99 per month and enjoy unlimited calls to UK landline and mobiles, any time for as long as you like. What’s more, when you’re out and about you can answer your calls from your mobile. Keep your existing number, enjoy crystal clear quality and say goodbye to expensive, crackly, poor quality calls.

Add to your package

Box Support Plus (4)


Upgrade to our 4 hour fix service for any faults occurring within our network. If you’re a Gold customer and you rely heavily on your broadband, our optional Support Plus (4) will give you peace of mind.

  • Call out within 4 hours
  • Optional /29 subnet of IP addresses – ideal for hosting multiple servers

£79.95 per month